Lynne&Levity                                                                                        Merriement                                                                               Hilarity-levity                                                                               MerrisKits                                                                                        Comedy                                                                                        Hilarity                                                                                        Levity                                                                                       
Me with Levity at the CFA Board meeting in Houston, February 1998 where the Sphynx were granted registration and acceptance as a Miscellaneous breed. Shaineh's Merriement of Astralkat Black Sphynx female Hilarity and Levity as kittens photo:Chanan Two female kittens from Merriement and Levity Shaineh's Comedy (now retired) Black Smoke and White Sphynx female Belfry Hilarity of Shaineh Black Sphynx female photo:Chanan Shaineh's Levity Black Smoke & White Sphynx male photo:Chanan
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