Should Your Cat Go Outdoors ?

A man called to inquire about adopting/purchasing a kitten from me. He and his entire family were grieving over their beloved pet cat who had been recently been killed by a car in front of their house. When I asked him why the cat was outside, he replied "well, we have a big back yard." Obviously, these people would not qualify to have one of my kittens unless the untimely and avoidable death of their cat had taught them a lesson. If they would commit to keep any new cat safely indoors for its entire life, and sign my contract which makes this demand, then I would consider them as prospective buyers ( as long as they met all my other criteria). Here are my reasons for my stand on this issue:

You don't let your children play on the highway. Why should you send your cats outside to face all of these perils? If you take your cat out on a harness and leash, you are not protecting her and not doing her a favor. I have never met a cat who could not wriggle out of one of these contraptions and... Bye bye kitty. Also, someday someone will come to your door and inadvertently let the cat out, not realizing that it's not allowed out unescorted and... Bye bye kitty. This happened to a man who called me after his precious abyssinian bolted out and into the road and into the path of an oncoming car. He described his horror as he watched his 'best buddy' die in an instant. The distraught gentleman is sure that if he had not allowed the cat out on a leash, the cat would not have run outside. Truthfully, my cats have never gone out and they never even try. I have sold many kittens over the years to be strictly kept indoors and I can only think of two who have been front door bolters ( one of them belongs to my vet ). This is only one of many cat-related issues that I am fanatical about. Please keep your beloved cat safe and inside and on your lap.

We just got a letter about this -- have your Kleenex handy...