Shaineh Devon Rex

"Silly Shoulder Sitters"

Devon Rex are curly little elves. They love everybody: mom, dad, kids, dogs and other cats.

Devons are active and interactive. They will sleep under the covers with you and be a member of your family. They act like kittens all their lives and are full of mischief.

Most people who are allergic to cats, can live with Devons. They have little or no guard hair ... Just silky soft waves that you can't resist stroking.

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More About Devon Rex....

Clifford In 1960 in Devonshire England, the first Devon Rex was born in a litter of domestic cats. This natural mutation created a curly coated black cat named, what else, Kirlee. He had little or no guard hair, just soft and wavy undercoat and big wide ears. Curly looked almost exactly like his descendants do today. At that time, the Cornish Rex was also being established as a breed in England. It was thought that the Devon mutation was the same gene but when breeders did test matings between the two types of curly cats, the resulting kittens all had normal coats which proves that the two breeds are not related. So the Devon was discovered and became a breed of it's own.

(Pictured at right: Black Smoke and White Male, Shaineh's Clifford)

Kittens are born with rows of deep waves and ringlets that molt away about eight weeks of age on many kittens. The juvenile coat comes in slowly over the next few months to be replaced by the adult coat at approximately one year of age. The Devon Rex, though considered a mutant breed, remains a natural cat in the sense that breeders have kept it true in both appearance and temperament to the original Devon. Through careful outcrossing to Domestic Shorthairs and other breeds such as the British Shorthair and American Shorthair, breeders have retained the Devon Rex integrity while working to provide an expanded and healthy gene pool.

Blue Lynx Point Female
International Champion Animosity of Shaineh
Devons are what I call silly shoulder sitters. They are definitely not an ornamental breed. In fact, they will pester you constantly to be a part of whatever you are doing. They love to help make beds, sweep the kitchen floor and jump in any drawer or cupboard as soon as it opens. A Devon does not make a lot of noise but you are always aware of them. They greet every visitor and will sit on every person in the room in turn. They insist on being under the covers with you at night. When not demanding human attention, you will find a Devon cavorting with the family dog or piled in a heap with other cats.

Devon babies open their eyes sooner than most breeds, walk and climb sooner and purr with genuine love as very tiny kittens. They are a small breed. The adult female will be 6 pounds on average and the males around 8 pounds but they are not at all fragile. They are a strong and wiry with surprising agility. They are also totally fearless.

Devons are usually going somewhere with a purpose and they are also skilled kitchen bandits. Don't leave your bread on the kitchen counter or your snack in front of the TV unattended.

Devons follow you from room to room and endlessly offer to retrieve whatever toy you consent to toss and, just like puppies, they wag their tails when happy which is just about always.

Some people with allergies to normal-coated cats can live with Devons. Because they have little or no guard hair. They shed very little and the hair that does come off is more like fibers of cotton wool and does not seem to float in the air. However, there are still a percentage of allergy sufferers who cannot live with a Devon.

The Devon Rex is considered a rare breed. There are not very many breeders or kittens available compared to some of the older, more established breeds. Devons are addictive....You can't just have one.

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