About Shaineh Cattery
Shaineh Cattery (SHAY-NUH) has been a registered cattery since 1989. I bought a blue Burmese female to breed after owning a pet Burmese male and falling in love with them. I no longer breed Burmese cats but I enjoyed every minute of them for over ten years. 

In 1991, I was at a cat show, exhibiting my beloved sable male Burmese 'Churchy', when a friend dragged me over to see a Devon Rex kitten being judged. I protested all the way, insisting that I have no interest in those strange little cats. Well.....I fell in love with that kitten and would have sold my car on the spot to buy her but she was not for sale. This time, I spent almost a year doing research on Devon Rex and all I talked to all the breeders who would give me the time of day. I found out a lot about the temperament and the health / breeding issues. I read everything that I could find on Devons . Finally, I bought my first three Devon Rex cats, two females and a male, from one of the world's best breeders who lives in Texas. I am now breeding cats that are considered to be very nice type and some of them have show potential. All of my Devons are sweet and active and healthy. I feel that a lot has been accomplished in a short time. 

With a whole lot of luck, I got my first Sphynx female and I started to breed Sphynx cats. My first litter was born the end of May 1996 and all five kittens were such a delight to me that I had to have more. My first kittens were all black and white, wrinkled and naked and so totally silly. Sphynx are very rare, hairless cats. They feel like hot suede. You can pet a Sphynx in two directions, forward and backward because your hand doesn't have to follow the coat direction. (What a nutty comment!) These cats adore everyone, the more people around to look at them admiringly and cuddle with them, the better. They do need another animal around, dog or cat, because they would suffer to be left alone.

In truth, I would never sell a cat to be the only animal in the house. My kittens are handled from the day they are born and have a lot of people around visiting and playing with them. They have other cats to romp with and a very playful dog. That is why, they are super friendly. I often convince people that two cats are better than one and no-one has ever disagreed after they got their new 'babies' home.

Our pet kittens are always sold with a contract that protects that cat and offers a health guarantee to the buyer. Our kittens may never be allowed outside. They may never be declawed and must be spayed or neutered. There is also have a clause which states that I will take the cat back at any time if the owners are unable to care for it any longer. Twenty years later, I would welcome home one of my babies.

I am always available for 'after sales service' advice. There are no stupid questions. I provide a lot of interesting and helpful literature to the new cat owner.

Shaineh cattery has a CFA Cattery of Excellence award which is based on a veterinarian's inspection of the premises. The cats are raised in a clean environment and there is no 'cat smell'. The cats are free of worms, earmites, fleas and fungal infections. We test every cat that comes to us for  FELV. AND F.I.V. We offer references.

Shaineh Cattery / Devon Rex and Sphynx
registered CFA, CCA, TICA

Lynne Thomas
3-141 Ripley Court, Oakville, Ontario
(905) 844-0036
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