How Shaineh Cattery Was Named

My father is Jewish and my mother is Catholic. 45 years ago when they got married it was the scandal of the century and both families dis-owned them. I was raised Catholic in a very 'white bread' nieghbourhood and knew almost nothing of my half Jewish heritage. When I got married the first time at eighteen, I married a Jew and converted to Orthodox Judaism (I don't practice anything these days), it was a grueling and extensive course of indoctrination. There was one old Rabbi who could not speak a word of English and the only Hebrew words of his that I could make out were Shaina Punim. He said Shaina Punim over and over and I thought he was saying 'stupid shiksa'(stupid Chrisitan girl). I was so upset that I asked my new mother-in-law-to-be why he was calling me names. She was laughing hysterically when she explained the Shaina means beautiful and Punim means face. Beautiful face?

When I tried to register my cattery CFA Shaina (because all my cats have beautiful faces), I had to change the spelling a bit to get it accepted.